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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Did ECT receive my cooler? How is my test doing?
    ECT staff will notify you immediately if a cooler doesn’t show up. If ECT Biologists notice abnormal behavior in the organisms or if the test “crashes” we will notify you immediately. No news from us is good news! 😊
  • When will I receive my sample coolers?
    You should receive your sample coolers and containers the week you begin sampling.
  • What is Receiving Water? (Rec. water or RW)
    Receiving water is the lake or stream that your facility discharges into, i.e. it “receives” the effluent. It is used as a primary control in your test. Collection of receiving water must be done well upstream from your discharge point to avoid contamination. Note: Some tests/permits do not require receiving water.
  • When will ECT know the results?
    For a normal chronic or acute/chronic test that ECT receives and starts on Tuesday, ECT will know the results by the following Wednesday afternoon. For an acute-only test that typically starts on Wednesday, ECT will know the results by the following Monday afternoon.
  • When/how will I get my report?
    For a normal chronic or acute/chronic test that ECT receives and starts on Tuesday, you will receive an emailed copy of your report by the following Friday. For an acute-only test that typically starts on Wednesday, you will receive an emailed copy of your report on the following Monday. If for some reason you do not receive your report from us by these days, give ECT a call.
  • Who submits my report to the DNR?
    The permittee is responsible for submitting the report to the DNR. The last page of the report must be signed by you and then the whole report sent by you to the DNR for approval.
  • Do I have to send the third effluent sample (for chronic tests) for Saturday delivery?
    Yes, the third sample must be received by ECT on Saturday as it is used to renew your test on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.If the sample is only sent via overnight delivery, it will get to us on the next business day…Monday. This means your test was renewed with old (Thursday’s) effluent if we have any left, and is grounds for an unacceptable test by the DNR and requiring a retest. Both the unacceptable test and the retest will have to be paid for.
  • Shipping/Courier of Samples
    Couriers frown on leaky coolers and may delay the shipment if it is not packaged correctly. To ensure a successful shipment: Please put ice inside sealed zip lock or equivalent bags. Please put sample containers and sealed ice bags inside large trash bag (included). Twist and tie large trash bag. Write sampling dates and times as well as shipment pH and temperature on the Chain of Custody and sign. Seal Chain of Custody in zip lock bag (included) and put on top of trash bag or tape to underside of cooler lid. Affix shipping label to top of cooler and tape cooler shut. Make sure cooler plug is tight or taped. Effluent sample amounts will vary. Please refer to your individual shipping and sampling instructions that are included in this packet. It is imperative to follow the sample schedule. The instructions will also indicate how much (if any) receiving water your test will require. Please fill the provided containers as full as possible and cap tightly. Return your samples to ECT per your testing schedule. (ECT is open 7 days a week). The recommended courier is Nile Xpedite. Due to the shipping issues we cannot currently recommend UPS, FedEx or SpeeDee. The decision is up to you, but the WI DNR may not be willing to grant holding time deviations in the future, because there is a reliable courier available. You will be charged for the work that was done prior to any coolers being lost. Please confirm with your courier that they will deliver next-day or same day to Superior, WI from your location. Shipments made on Friday are scheduled to arrive on Saturday. Friday for Saturday shipments must be made using UPS, FedEx or Nile Xpedite and marked for overnight, Saturday delivery. (See warning in third shipment packet.) $300 cancellation w/out 24hr notice. $400 additional if testing occurs over a holiday. $400 culture charge if the courier of your choice doesn’t deliver the first cooler on time. Nile Xpedite Xpress Logistics (NXSW) formerly Deuces, based out of Milwaukee is a reliable new find. Nile Xpedite recommends scheduling your delivery as soon as possible. Many clients are making reservation months ahead of time. They will pick up at your location and guarantee same day or next morning delivery including Saturdays. For most locations it is same day delivery. To schedule please email NILE XPEDITE CONTACT INFORMATION: To Schedule: Bill Toombs, Manger (414) 755-6767 ADDRESS RETURN SHIPMENTS TO: ECT Attn: Patrick Poirier 1423 N. 8th St. Suite 122 Superior, WI 54880 Please contact with any questions
  • WET Testing Basics
    Click here to view a short slide deck of WET testing basics.
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