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Testing Apparatus


We design and construct testing apparatus

EC&T is experienced in the design and construction of testing apparatus. EC&T can provide custom testing/culture apparatus such as:

Medaka Exposure Tanks

  • Glass tanks with smoked and/or frosted sides allowing culture techniques for producing Japanese medaka, Oryzias latipes. These tanks are built in accordance with U.S. EPA's recommended methods for said culturing.

Proportional Diluters - Modified Mount - Brungs

Mini Diluters - Benoit

  • Diluters are useful for flow-through tests to deliver five different concentrations and a control to two or more replicates. They are used to maintain adequate test conditions and to maintain chemical concentration in exposure tanks. 

Sediment - Water Renewal Systems - Benoit - Zuwalt 

  • Renewal systems are used to maintain water quality in whole sediment toxicity testing.


  • Made from glass or Plexiglas to deliver 15 mls of test water into 10 C. dubia beakers or cups simultaneously. This dispenser is a time saver for either single animal cultures or testing.

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